RELCO Products and Services

At RELCO we provide our customers with more than just products and services. We provide a deep understanding of the industries we serve. That’s because everything we do is rooted in our engineering background. Nearly 30 years ago RELCO began designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the highest quality stainless steel dairy processing equipment. We became a leader in liquid flow, heat treatment, evaporation and drying design. We now serve food and pharmaceutical plants as well as dairy, our primary line of business.

Engineering excellence is the difference when you come to RELCO for process plant solutions. We customize each system so it is right for your application. Your contact at RELCO will be a sales engineer experienced in dairy and food manufacturing procedures for plants like yours. From the moment you call RELCO, you’re dealing with a team of experts that ensures your plant modification or complete new plant design will maximize efficiencies and profitability. To make certain you get the best solutions on time and in budget, we engineer the entire project before we even give you a quote.